This is the section on a lot of composers’ sites where you’ll often find “samples” of their music; sometimes little clips of each piece, sometimes selected pieces in full, but rarely their entire body of work available for visitors to listen to. On this site, however, you won’t find any of that, because my pieces are available to listen to in my Works section. 

All of my pieces. In their entirety.

I created this page because I wanted to make a statement. I believe that an artist’s greatest asset is exposure, and that any “lost profit” that may occur from having his work available for perusal to the general public (which is itself is a bit of a myth, I think) is more than made up for with said exposure. That is why I want any visitors to this site to have easy access to all my music and scores, and I don’t intend for this to change – ever. As soon as I finish a piece I’ll put it on this site. When it gets performed I’ll upload that recording as well. If I ever get my music on a CD (hopefully at some point) I’ll push very hard to get it on Spotify, and then add the link here.

At the moment some of the recordings on this site are midi. Such is the reality of a new composer’s situation. I fully intend on replacing those files whenever I get a live recording. Regardless of the performance history of a given piece, though, I intend on updating them in such a way that whatever is on this site is what is currently the best representation of any given piece. 

So, if you’re interested in listening to any of my music, just go over to the Works section and pick a piece that interests you. 

Or, you can go directly to my Soundcloud page.

Kris Peysen       Composer, Arranger, Teacher