(recording forthcoming)

Insinuations  (2018) 7'00"

​For flute, oboe, violin, viola, cello, and percussion
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Strung  (2018) 3'00"
For string quartet
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​Moog Dreams  (2017) 6'30"
​For 2-channel fixed media

​Whirlwind  (2017) 7'30"
​For trombone quartet
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​​Restlessness  (2016) 3'00"
​​For solo piano
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Annealed in Fire  (2015) 9'30"
​​For string quartet
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To Awaken a God  (2014) 10'00"
For orchestra
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Ex Nihilo  (2012) 15'00"
For flute, oboe, tenor sax, violin, cello, and three percussionists
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​​​​​Satellites  (2011, rev. 2017​) 3'00"
For double-bass duet
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The Chimney Sweeper  (2010) 21'00"
​​For mixed choir, woodwind quartet, and piano
Text by by William Blake
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Crucible (2008, rev. 2013) 7'30"
For brass quartet and timpani
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Bloom  (2008) 12'00"
For solo piano
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Pagan Dance  (2007)  11'00"  
For flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, and marimba 4-hands
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​In the works:  Insinuations (3rd mov.), a string quartet (expanded version of Strung), a piece for violin and electronics, a short viola-cello duet, a duet for english horn and percussion, a piece for wind ensemble, and a chamber piece involving electric guitar

2nd movement

Kris Peysen      Composer