Kris Peysen       Composer, Arranger, Teacher

June 10, 2017:  A new recording for my piece Annealed in Fire ​has been uploaded. This one is from a recording session, so it's good! Go have a listen.

April 25, 2017: ​I got another grant! This is the PHIL Student Success Grant, offered by the University of Iowa Foundation.

April 12, 2017: ​ I've recently been awarded a Graduate and Professional Student Government Travel Grant from the University of Iowa to help me attend Charlotte New Music Festival. The help is much appreciated! 

February 2, 2017:  Excited to announce that I've been selected to attend Charlotte New Music Festival! While there, I will be taking part in the Dance Co-Lab, where I will be paired with a choreographer to create a short ballet, which will be performed by the Out of Bounds Ensemble. I'll also be given a speed-writing assignment, to be performed by members of the Beo String Quartet. Lots of opportunity!

December 8, 2016:  The reading of my string quartet, Annealed in Fire, ​played by the JACK Quartet, is now live. Go have a listen.

September 19, 2016:  My latest piece, a piano miniature composed for a speed-writing contest, is now up. Head on over to my Works section to see what I can write in 24 hours.

May 3, 2015:  I now also have a Kickstarter campaign. This one has rewards! Check it out here, and please spread the word!

April 30, 2015:  I just launched a GoFundMe campaign to help me attend the Music in the Mountains Conservatory. You can see it here. Please share it!

April 27, 2015:  Website is launched! Stay tuned for further updates.



​​​​June 19 - July 1, 2017:  Charlotte New Music Festival, which I will be participating in as a composer. Performances include:
- a chamber piece for the Out of Bounds Ensemble,
- a speedwriting piece, performed by members of the Beo String Quartet