Kris Peysen       Composer, Arranger, Teacher

Below you'll find my pieces, listed from newest to oldest. If you click on each piece, you'll be taken to a separate page, where you can look at the score, see a list of performances, and read my general recollections on the creation of the work.

In the Works:  A trombone quartet, an electroacoustic piece, a piece for violin and electronics,  and a piece for the Out of Bounds Ensemble (to be performed at Charlotte New Music Festival)


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​​For solo piano

Composed Fall 2016

Annealed in Fire

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​​For string quartet

Commissioned for Wintergreen Summer Music Festival: 2014


Composed Summer 2014 - Spring 2015

To Awaken a God

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For orchestra

Master's thesis


Composed Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Ex Nihilo

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For chamber ensemble


Composed Fall 2011 - Summer 2012

The Chimney Sweeper

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For mixed choir, woodwind quartet, and piano

Based on poems by William Blake


Composed 2009 - Early 2010


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For brass quartet and timpani


Composed Fall 2008, rev. 2013


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For solo piano


Composed Spring 2008 - Fall 2008

Pagan Dance 

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For chamber ensemble

Won the Voices of Change Russell Horn Young Composer’s Project


Copmposed Fall 2007