Kris Peysen      Composer

I currently offer private lessons in Iowa City and surrounding areas for beginning students in composition, or more generally beginning musicians who wish to learn some basics. The cost is $50 for an hour-long lesson. Lessons can be at my location, or I can travel to the student’s, provided it is a reasonable distance from my location.

I also offer Skype lessons, which of course is not limited to location. Since these aren’t as ideal for the student, I offer them at a discounted rate of $30 for an hour-long lesson. But the option is available if anyone wants to pursue that. 

Lessons can be weekly, bi-weekly, or in general however the student wishes to set them up. Payment can be on a per-lesson basis, or for a set of lessons (i.e a month’s worth for once a week, etc.) Scheduling is flexible.

While my main area of expertise is composition, anyone with a master’s degree in music is going to be generally well-versed in a variety of musical topics. As such, I can also offer lessons in theory, conducting, music fundamentals, notational software (both Finale and Sibelius), music technology, and a variety of other topics. These can be mixed and matched however the student wishes.

As far as my pedagogical approach is concerned, my lessons will be tailored towards each student. I generally look towards where the student is currently at musicially, where he or she wants to go, possibly if there are any deficiencies I notice, and in general what the student’s stated goals are, if any. I may assign listening or score study assignments (particularly for a composition student) if I feel that will help in the student's development.

If you would like to set up a lesson, or have any questions, please feel free to email me at